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LGBT youth can suffer from self-esteem and identity issues. These issues are complicated and can be precursors to substance abuse. The lack of social acceptance that LGBT youth experience can lead to dangerous behavior. LGBT youth experience higher rates of cigarette, alcohol and marijuana use, as well as other drugs. Research done by the University of Pittsburgh found that LGBT youth are 190% more likely to resort to substance abuse, including an increase of 340% for bisexual youth and 400% for lesbian youth. When LGBT youth use drugs to deal with their pain, mental health issues can be aggravated. LGBT youth, especially male youth, can resort to criminal behavior as a way to escape the pain which they feel or to feed their addiction. Some youth drop out of school, run away or end up homeless when experiencing LGBT issues, especially when they are rejected by their family and peers. Out My Closet's "GLARE," builds affirming media campaigns focused on the LGBTQ youth population and substance abuse.

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